Lessons from Apple – great stores don’t bring customers back


The new iPad just launched to the usual hype, anticipation and fanfare. Every time a new Apple product comes off the assembly line, it gets put under the biggest magnifying glass imaginable as crowds of onlookers parse the announcement with scholarly intensity, hoping to piece together a picture of what might emerge and what the implications [...]

What Steve Jobs did for Banking…

As the news of Steve Jobs’ resignation rocks the world today, it’s almost like we’re reading his obituary rather than the news that a Fortune 50 CEO has moved on. The impact of Steve’s resignation will be felt hard on Apple’s share price no doubt, and even potentially hit the very fragile US market at [...]

The new customer interface: Visualization and Digital Relationship

At Finovate Europe last week we saw a lot of what I would generally classify as “me too” PFM efforts. While there were a few stand out examples, such as Meniga and Linxo, I don’t think these platforms are robust enough for where we are going. This says a lot I know, because most banks [...]

Banks – get your website right before worrying about your iPad App

There’s a lot of excitement about Apple’s new iPad. This week it was reported in various news sources that two banks in Australia were releasing an iPad app to capitalize on the iPad fever. Now… you’d normally find one of the first to jump in and hail such an announcement as an indication of real progress in the fight to innovate the retail banking space. But on this occasion, well I’m not jumping…

Radio 938 Live – Singapore Radio interview launch of BANK 2.0

Radio segment that aired on Radio 93.8 Singapore 30th of April, 2010 (Recorded Friday 23rd of April) to launch my book BANK 2.0 in Singapore last week.

Michelle Martin and Radio 938 were so kind as to give me a very decent opportunity to explain more about the premise behind BANK 2.0 as a book and talk about the real challenges facing banks in creating or adopting innovations around customer experience. I hope that you find it useful in discussing innovation with your management team.

The only real iPad application for banking (Huff Post)

Is there a role for multi-touch iPad applications to improve customer experience in banking? Well most of our banking these days can be done in the complete absence of a banker… Internet banking and the iPhone have proven that.

There is still a role for the branch for certain types of human interactions that add value for a sales engagement or service opportunity though.

Which of those interactions might be improved by the use of the iPad? I’m not talking about Internet banking. The plethora of iPhone applications for mobile internet banking have already shown that the iPad has suitability as a tool for accessing your accounts, etc when you are on the move. But what about when you are in the bank? Is there a role for the iPad to improve the interaction between the banker and the customer?

TV, Advertising, and Newspapers are dead – deal with it… (Huff Post)

The way we consume content has changed, forever. There are still those among us who will go kicking and screaming into irrelevance trying to defend the traditional approach to media, advertising and content distribution. Those companies who adapt, have a bright future. Those who ignore the facts, the trends in changing consumer behavior – will likewise go the way of the dinosaur…

Open Source Banking – the solution to lagging innovation (Huff Post)

Banks face huge organizational barriers to rapid innovation and in many cases still don’t conceptually appreciate the need for rapid change around customer. It appears that banks know how to run banks, but as they are pushed more to be something more akin to software houses, design houses, and integrators, their organizations are just not built for new priorities.

Is there a solution that still allows banks to be banks, but opens up bank networks, products and services to a broader community who are in a better position to innovate.

Developing point-of-impact opportunities where bank product or services are integrated into customer experience is going to take more than an innovative bank. It’s going to take an open capability, a library of APIs, automated credit risk assessment and straight through processing. Once in place, however, these tools will enable almost unlimited innovation of the customer experience without the constraints of a bank organization chart, channel silos or outdated financial metrics…

Would Google make a better bank? (HuffPost Blog)

Many feel today that the big banks have got too big, have lost touch with their customers. They seem more interested in speculating on the assets they hold to create profit, than basic banking services to their customer. The criticism is often levelled that these banks feel they are big enough that if you don’t like it, they’ll just ignore you.

The question at hand, however, is Would Google build a better bank? The immediate answer might be – it couldn’t be worse than what we’ve got now. The question really is how could a Google or someone like them build a better bank?