VIDEO: Opportunities in the Underbanked Space

With somewhere between 40-70m underbanked in the United States alone, there are significant opportunities to re-think where these individuals fit in the banking landscape. Since the introduction of the Durbin amendment the likelihood of more of this segment entering the mainstream banking sphere is further reduced. How will mobile payments and pre-paid debit cards effect [...]

The new customer interface: Visualization and Digital Relationship

At Finovate Europe last week we saw a lot of what I would generally classify as “me too” PFM efforts. While there were a few stand out examples, such as Meniga and Linxo, I don’t think these platforms are robust enough for where we are going. This says a lot I know, because most banks [...]

What the Finance sector has to look forward to in 2011…

In 2010 we had a bunch of innovative ideas become mainstream and start to impact the banking arena (for a full coverage see my post in Huffington.) However, 2011 promises to be more disruptive because as the economy finally starts to warm up, we’ll be seeing a lot of new private equity investment into start-ups [...]

The official Bank 2.0 US launch – you’re invited

This is the banking literary event of the year! Sponsored by Sapient, Geezeo, Marshall Cavendish and organized by Success Inc make sure you are in New York at the Roosevelt hotel this Thursday the 29th of July. Bank 2.0 is the bestselling book on the future of banking which examines changing consumer behavior, the impact [...]

EU Exposure for BANK 2.0

As the UK release date for BANK 2.0 rapidly approaches (just 6 days to go), I’m flattered to see that the book is getting some blog traction and some mindshare in the EU. Here are a few links to some nice pieces on BANK 2.0 and covering my blog…

Thanks to,, Banca due zero, Cyberlibris, Social Banking 2.0 (Lochmaier), Bankervision!

Radio 938 Live – Singapore Radio interview launch of BANK 2.0

Radio segment that aired on Radio 93.8 Singapore 30th of April, 2010 (Recorded Friday 23rd of April) to launch my book BANK 2.0 in Singapore last week.

Michelle Martin and Radio 938 were so kind as to give me a very decent opportunity to explain more about the premise behind BANK 2.0 as a book and talk about the real challenges facing banks in creating or adopting innovations around customer experience. I hope that you find it useful in discussing innovation with your management team.

Evolutionary marketing – Tribal, viral and mobile (Huff Post)

There is a lot of discussion about how social media will play out from a mobile perspective, and how marketers in particular can monetize and leverage social media for real revenues and brand influence in the future. There are those, such as Umair Haque from Harvard Business Review…

Bank CEOs, It's Time for Social Media (InternetEvolution)

What is unique about the social media movement at the moment is that everything you might expect it would be about — it’s not about. But the banks I meet are almost all remaining in a holding pattern, waiting for something to happen before they commit to this new medium. In this blog I explore one of the key reasons banks should sign up for the social media explosion, and what they need to do about it today!

Banks and Social Media – Substance or Hype? FinExtra Twitterview

For those of you unfamiliar with the term Twitterview – it is a Twitter based interview. This limits the options somewhat as your replies have to be able to fit on a 140 character Tweet. Nonetheless, the interview below and Liz’s commentary on the interview are a solid summary of my responses and my views on Social Media’s impact on Banking. You can also check out the latest report on Social Media in Finance from Chris Skinner and myself at the Financial Services Club website. For the first 5 ppl that leave a comment on this blog article I’ll also send you a free copy!

Here’s the Twitterview…

Would Google make a better bank? (HuffPost Blog)

Many feel today that the big banks have got too big, have lost touch with their customers. They seem more interested in speculating on the assets they hold to create profit, than basic banking services to their customer. The criticism is often levelled that these banks feel they are big enough that if you don’t like it, they’ll just ignore you.

The question at hand, however, is Would Google build a better bank? The immediate answer might be – it couldn’t be worse than what we’ve got now. The question really is how could a Google or someone like them build a better bank?