Build your audience, not brand recall

Mobile Ad Spend Explosion!

Revenue is the driver of business, and most businesses for the longest time have been accustomed to building a pipeline of business, targeting specific demographics or segments of customers, or raising brand awareness so as to generate interest in products or services. Recently, however, a subtle shift to consumer engagement has made itself evident, one [...]

Gen-M: the abandonment of “touch and feel” and the emergence of “see and hear”

Lady Gaga Makeup Tutorial

Baby Boomers and Gen-X have in common the need to experience life in all it’s glory. Whether that is born out of a sense of adventure, the need for tactile feedback or in the sense of face-to-face social connections, at the core of much of our buying behavior historically has been the need to ‘touch [...]

Next Bank Asia – Delivering to the Customer


Today in Singapore we’ve had a gathering of a collection of real innovators and disruptors in the financial services and customer experience space. The line up at #NextBankAsia was a bunch of strong influencers in the space including: Scott Anthony @scottdanthony James Gardner @bankervision Richard Kelly and Andrea Kershaw from @IDEO Neil Cross from @Microsoft [...]

Transparency, Broken Risk and the Loss of Physicality

Recently I’ve been discussing with bankers, economists, strategists and futurists the future of the banking industry. At a time when we’ve got the likes of the “Occupation of Wall St” (#OWS) through to discussions in various camps about the very survival of banking as we know it, a question you might ask is how did [...]

Why social media is the community banker’s friend

Social media is part of the formula for the success of community-led banks and credit unions in the wake of the global financial crisis and the backlash against “Big Banks”.

Smart community banks will tap into the power of social media to extend their reach, to empower their communities and to continue to differentiate their customer advocacy capability versus the big banks who are ‘too big to care’…

Banks: KYC is Killing Your Customers (Huff Post)

In my discussions with bankers about innovation, I often hear them tell me that perhaps in other industries innovation could be achieved, but due to heavy regulation and the compliance requirements of the banking sector that such is more difficult for financial institutions. This is part of the story, but I’m sure that it is fixable…