Workshop and Strategy Sessions

If you prefer an interactive session rather than a keynote presentation, Brett can design a workshop specifically customized to engage your team in a discussion on strategy for your organization, or you can use one of the topics and formats below as the foundation for a conference or internal workshop.Strategic planning sessions usually work best focused on the issues your organization is facing internally and externally. The outcome, ideally, is a simple 1-3 year road map of customer experience improvement or engagement initiatives.

Deep Dive Workshop Series:
Building Great Customer Journeys, Creating the Conversation, and The Retail Banking Roadmap

Workshop 1: Building Compelling Customer Journeys

Customers are changing the way they interact in the financial services and payments space. The journeys and engagements customers have with a bank, or with a payments provider over the next 3-5 years, will be very different from banking historically.

Looking at emerging scenarios based on the impact of new technologies like tablets, NFC and social media, King will facilitate a discussion that looks at the integration of the different players and technologies into a future state where acquisition and revenue engagement works very differently.

Workshop 2: Creating the Conversation

In this workshop, King explores some key case studies illustrating the challenges of operating in the open, transparent world of social media. From the case of Ann Minch taking on Bank of American and winning, the #fails of Twitter, the introduction of social-driven search and the demands of the always-on consumer, King reviews scenarios the bank of today faces.

The workshop explores the organization structure, tools and approaches required not just to market in the SM space, but more importantly, to drive the conversation.

Workshop 3: The Retail Banking RoadMap

Designed specifically for in-house strategy workshops for executive teams of a retail bank, this brainstorms the key elements of success and priorities over the next 2-3 years.

By using scenario-based planning, the BANK 2.0 project roadmap, best-practice benchmarks, and interactive discussion around your  bank’s customer base, market, region and strategy, King works to help the executive team evaluate the priorities behind customer engagement in a multi-channel environment.