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If you haven’t been listening to Breaking Banks (VoiceAmerica/World Talk Radio) the last couple of months and you’re in the financial services space, well you are missing out on some great dialogue. This week we had the folks at Finovate give us a sneak preview of their upcoming NYC Fall show, but in the last few weeks we’ve talked BitCoin, NeoBanks, BigData, the “De-Banked” Generation, How many “CAN” buy happiness with David Norton (Author “Happy Money”), creating great Customer Journeys, Sustainable Banking, Humanizing Technology in Banking, and a whole host more.

Here are a few of my recent favorites

Finovating into the Future!  [Download the Podcast] [Listen via Stream] [iTunes]

A snapshot from Finovate Spring on the West Coast in 2011

Banks have long cultivated the image of stability with marble counters and mahogany desks, indicating a sense of permanence. But in order to do something new, you have to stop doing the old! The new frontiers of banking are in a relatively new area called Fintech. In this world, startups from outside the traditional banking system are creating new ways of meeting people’s financial service needs, introducing new concepts in lending, payments, and investment that leave the traditional in the dust. Since 2007, Finovate, a conference that rewards startups and innovation, has become a nexus of activity around this community, helping startups get their names out there and encouraging the next steps in financial technologies. Today Brett hosts Eric Mattson from Finovate, Michael Garrity and Casper Wong from FinanceIt and Jason Gordo from Flexscore, to speak about the bustle of activity in and around Finovate and what it means for the Fintech startup community.

When it comes to Data, Size really does matter [Download the Podcast] [itunes] [Listen via Stream]

How BIG is your Data?

As Steve Jobs famously said “Some people say give customers what they want, but that’s not my approach. My job is to figure out what they are going to want before they do.” With the current disruption and banking options available, it has never been more crucial for banks to build positive personal relationships with their customers. One of the keys of keeping digital and mobile users happy and providing positive and helpful customer experiences is data analytics, which can tell a bank enough about a customer that they can anticipate their needs and wants at the different junctures of their lives. Today, Brett is speaking with Ido Ophir, VP of Product Management at Personetics and Kasey Byrne, SVP of Marketing at Cardlytics, about how companies can and should use data to enhance customer experiences and build great customer relationships.

The Underbanked don’t need banks anymore! [Download the Podcast] [itunes] [Listen via Stream]

The rise of the De-Banked generation?

Do the underbanked really need bank accounts anymore? With the introduction of mobile financial options, more and more people are opting out of traditional bank accounts and turning to the myriad of financial options that are becoming available as an alternative to traditional checking accounts. Between pre-paid debit cards, gift cards, Western Union accounts, Paypal, pre-paid cell phones, mobile wallets available, social payment systems, the PayNearMe service, and Peer 2 Peer lending taking off, people can avail themselves of all the benefits of banking without having to enter a bank branch or deal with fussy application procedures and small print fees. Join Breaking Bank$ to discuss the way that people are turning to these options with Rachel Schneider with the Center of Financial Services Innovation and Danny Shader, the CEO of PayNearMe, which allows those that have opted out pay for rent, utilities and bills in cash from convenient locations they visit every day.
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