$10,000 in Cash for my best followers

Ok guys, so it’s time for me to give back to all you who have followed @getMoven’s progress and my own #Bank3.0 story. I’m giving away hard cash to say thanks, and to ask you guys for some help on the Moven front over the next few weeks….




BK10K is in celebration of me recently topping 10k followers on Twitter. Not a huge milestone, but a good excuse to say THANKS!!!!

So I’m going to give away $10,000 in cash to my followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. But there’s a small catch. To get the cash, you need to participate.

The first person to generate 10 successful referrals for Moven.com gets $5,000*

The first four peeps to generate 5 successful referrals for Moven.com get $1,000 each*

And 10 peeps who generate at least 2 successful referrals for Moven get $100 each*.


How do you refer friends and get the recognition for giving me a hand? It’s pretty simple, just post a link referring friends to Moven as follows:



So my named referral link would be http://www.moven.com/#referral/BrettKingBK10K

Fairly simple :)

Send your friends along to Moven and they’ll receive an invitation within 24 hours. I’ll check the results next week and let you guys know of the winners via Twitter/FB/LI. Good luck!



*These are not sweepstakes, nor it is a competition in the legal sense. I am giving away cash personally as a gift to my pals who spread the news about Moven to their friends. A successful referral is if your friend or follower that successfully fills out the Moven application form on Moven.com – that’s it. The prize will be distributed to US citizens via a Moven account with the cash deposited on the card/account. If you’re outside of the US, but you refer US pals to Moven, then you’ll get the money via PayPal.


  1. Brittney Birdsong says:

    please please I need that money you would be helping me and my daughter so much par I’m cute and ill do what it’s worth

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