Strategic Advisory (1-2 Days)

As a strategic industry advisor, Brett’s insights into your business strategy will be invaluable. He doesn’t have any legacy stake in the game or politics to navigate, he’s simply there to ensure you get the absolute best advice in enabling your business to better reach your customers and achieve sustainable profitability. He’s worked with HSBC, TD, Barclays, RBS, Standard Chartered, Citibank, Emirates NBD, National Australia Bank, Bendigo Bank, Westpac, Silicon Valley Bank, and many others as a consultant to senior management or at the board level. Whether it is to attend a board meeting, review your upcoming strategy, or to brainstorm new approaches, this is the most effective one-on-one you can get with the BANK 2.0 author.

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Multi-Channel Audit and Strategy Review (6-8 weeks)

Additional to the mentoring and strategic advisory work individually, Brett also fields a team of channel specialists who conduct a 6-8 week Multi-Channel Audit and Strategy Review. In this assessment Brett and his team review the usability, user experience, revenue generation, and cost optimization strategies for key channels across the organization. The outcome is a channel-by-channel review with projects and quick fixes for more profitable channel operation, along with a 3-5 year strategic business case to develop longer-term, more profitable, multi-channel customer engagements and relationships.

Our Multi-Channel Audit team includes usability and interaction design experts, mobile channel experts with device, network and application integration experience, contact centre specialists, and Internet channel specialists, and Internet channel specialists.

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Custom Advisory Work

On occasion Brett is asked personally or in conjunction with a team of specialists to review or advise on a new customer experience initiative, a new release of a mobile or internet product, or on specific business plans or proposals.

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